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Coffee bag

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Coffee bag
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Product Name: coffee bag


Specification: customized


Materials: OPP (PET) / VMPET / PE or PET / Al / PE


Process: gravure printing, solvent-free composite


There are many kinds of coffee packaging and materials. According to the form of coffee supply, coffee packaging can be divided into three categories: raw beans export packaging, baked coffee beans (powder) packaging, instant coffee packaging.


Raw beans are usually packed in gunny bags. Here we mainly introduce the packaging of roasted coffee and instant coffee


The packaging of roasted coffee beans (powder) is generally divided into bags and cans.


Bags are divided into: non airtight packaging, vacuum packaging, one-way valve packaging, pressure packaging.


Non hermetic packaging is a kind of temporary packaging, which is only used for short-term storage;


Vacuum packaging needs to keep roasted coffee beans for a period of time before packaging, in order to prevent the damage of carbon dioxide to the packaging. This kind of packaging can be stored for about 10 weeks;


One way valve packaging is to add a one-way valve on the packaging bag to allow the carbon dioxide generated to be eliminated, but it will block the entry of external gas, so as to ensure that coffee beans are not oxidized, but can not prevent the loss of aroma. These packages can be stored for up to six months. Some coffees are packaged with vent holes, that is, only vent holes are made on the packaging bag instead of adding one-way valve. In this way, once the carbon dioxide generated by coffee beans is exhausted, the outside air will enter the bag, causing oxidation, so the storage time will be greatly reduced;


Pressure packaging is that coffee beans are vacuum packed and sealed with inert gas after baking. This kind of packaging can ensure that the coffee beans are not oxidized and the aroma will not be lost, and the packaging will not be damaged by air pressure. It can be stored for up to two years.


Cans are usually metal and glass, both with plastic covers for easy sealing.


Instant coffee packaging is relatively simple, generally using small sealed bags, mainly in long strips, in addition, there will be an external packaging box. Of course, there are also some canned instant coffee on the market.


Due to the anti-oxidation requirements, coffee bags generally use opaque plastic composite materials, such as OPP / VMPET / PE, PET / Al / PE, or kraft paper composite materials.

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