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I don't think you know the application of aluminum foil bag in high temperature cooking packaging

click: time:2020-04-29 16:47:39 edit:Hua Di's editor

It is very important for the material selection to be able to achieve high temperature cooking, convenient access and health safety in packaging. Generally, one of the packaging options for high temperature cooking packaging is aluminum foil bag. The application of aluminum foil bag can meet the requirements of manufacturers for high temperature cooking packaging.


In the flexible packaging industry, aluminum foil bags will not be unfamiliar. Aluminum foil bags have good sealing performance, strong barrier performance and good blocking effect on gas and water. Specifically, the barrier of aluminum foil material is closely related to the number of pinholes in the film itself. To meet the barrier requirements of packaging, gas and light cannot penetrate aluminum.


In addition, we all know that aluminum foil material is soft, easy to crack, and has good resistance. The purchased aluminum foil should be kept in dry state, and should not be placed for too long. It should be used as soon as possible to avoid moisture absorption and oxidation of aluminum foil. The food grade aluminum foil bag must have high requirements for external cleanliness, no oil and dust, and high appearance tension.


In addition, the aluminum foil has excellent moisture-proof and moisture-proof properties, and can not be applied to aluminum foil packaging at high temperature It has high heat resistance and oil resistance.


Aluminum foil bag manufacturers choose hwadee packaging. The company specializes in the production of infant and child feeding bags, food, daily chemical suction mouth bags, self-supporting valve bags, bags in boxes, food packaging bags, special water bags and other packaging series.


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