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The way to strengthen the toughness of breast milk bags, the teacher does

click: time:2020-05-05 17:49:28 edit:Hua Di's editor

Breast milk bag. It is a kind of food packaging plastic products, mainly used to store breast milk. However, due to the poor tolerance of the breast milk bag materials, it is not resistant to puncture of the contents, and there are pinholes and creases on the breast milk bag during transportation. At this time, we need to strengthen the tolerance of breast milk bags to ensure that they are not damaged


The strength of flat wire has been advanced, and the problem of broken wire has been solved. The strength of the bag cloth of woven bag has been enhanced. The water tank is an integral part of the wire drawing machine. The concave and convex of the cooling water temperature in the water tank affects the physical function of the film after cooling and forming, which is also the primary factor affecting the strength of flat wire.


This is because polypropylene is a crystalline polymer material with a variety of crystal shapes. In the process of natural cooling, a considerable amount of α - type spherulites are often formed. This kind of spherulites is hard to draw, which is not conducive to wire drawing. The addition of masterbatch is one of the primary components of the material ratio. The result is to improve the physical function of flat filament and lose the cost The tensile strength of milk bag flat yarn will gradually lose.


1. Ten samples were cut from the edge of breast milk bag material by sampler, and three different breast milk bags were cut. The width of the sample was 15mm and the opening length was 100 mm.


2. The width, thickness and speed of the sample are set in the software of the tensile testing machine.


3. Open and clamp the sample on the fixture so that the long axis direction of the sample coincides with the center line of the fixture.


4. Click the start experiment button in the software to start the experiment. The system actively calculates and records the experimental results.


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